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Start the new season with clean slate-time to a Spring Detox

40 min treatment (can be done at your lunch break).

Treatment include: Derma E Hydrating cleanser, measured Micrograins, enzyme exfoliation, Jade&Pearl resurfacing 3 layers non chemical Peel(with UGL complex), collagen plus gel, CGF serum and 100% collagen mask, cryotherapy. Absolutely Must to look your very best!
Special pricing ends June 1, 2017.

Skin Care Tips for Men

Most men have absolutely no idea how to take care of their largest organ – their skin. Men’s skin needs to be maintained on a regular basis for the best possible health and appearance. There is a plethora of badly-formulated skin products for men,…

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What’s not to love about our Series of Facial Peels?

Since autumn is upon us, we have fewer hours of sunlight each day. This is the perfect time to plan your facial peel. We offer our peels at 3 different strengths: Light, Medium and Intense, which will be customized for your individual needs. After our peels you will notice several improvements in your skin’s appearance: less wrinkles and fine lines, enhanced skin texture and hydration, healthier skin tone, and lightened hyper-pigmented areas (usually called dark spots). Your skin will be rejuvenated and younger-looking.

Our peels increase cellular production and improve your skin’s elasticity – a wonderful way to maintain healthy skin and slow down the aging process.

You can expect:

  • Superior improvement in skin smoothness after 2 treatments
  • Excellent improvement in skin brightening after 4 treatments
  • A visible decrease in fine lines and wrinkles after 6 treatments

Need to book your Peel treatment? Now is the time! Receive 30% OFF any series of our facial peels! Speak with Mariya at your next appointment, schedule an appointment online now, or call 858-382-1618.

Effective New Acne Treatment

Effective acne treatment that incorporates deep cleansing, facial extractions to remove pore-clogging sebum and other techniques to stop acne flare-ups. Mariya’s Skin Care can be your personal skin specialist developing the right acne treatment plan that will help clear your skin once and for all. Click Here to schedule your consultation today. Learn more about this treatment on   Facial Treatment page.

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$10 OFF Our Champagne and Black Caviar Facial!

Our Champagne and Black Caviar Facial is a deliciously simple, luxuriously refining, yet delectably effective skin treatment. Your skin will glisten with a sparkle of youthfulness and feel young and renewed.

Our Black Caviar and Champagne Facial helps the skin stay soft and healthy, smooths and aids in preventing wrinkles, reverses sun damage, replenishes hydration and oxygenation, repairs textured or sagging skin, and as a bonus – visibly lightens scars.

Want a Champagne and Black Caviar Facial? We are offering $10 OFF your next treatment! Speak with Mariya at your next appointment, schedule an appointment online now, or call 858-382-1618.

The Amazing Power of Cinnamon to Purify Your Skin

Experience glowing, soft, clear, and smooth skin!

You probably are unaware that cinnamon has been used in medicine and cosmetology since ancient times. It is rich in antioxidants that slow the aging process. Cinnamon contains numerous minerals and vitamins, and when applied brings blood and nutrients to the skin’s surface.

It helps to tighten skin pores, leaving your face clear and smooth. Cinnamon has anti-microbial qualities which allows it to prevent and cure acne.

To learn about some unique tips on using cinnamon for your skin, contact Mariya for a FREE Skin Care Consultation.

Great Gift for Your Loved Ones!

Help spread the holiday cheer this season!

Purchase our GIFT CERTIFICATE and receive $15 OFF as well as Referral Reward (new client) and 10% OFF any of our products during your next visit to our salon. You can purchase a Gift Certificate easy: in person, over the phone, or request it via e-mail. Great surprise for Certificate of $150 or more!

Makes an elegant gift for stocking staffers!

New Anti-Aging Eye Treatment!

30 min Anti-Aging Eye Treatment using new ion and vibration massage technique. Call us today (858) 382-1618 or request your appointment online. Offer good through May 15 2015. Pamper yourself for less!

Unique Eye Treatment Including Hermippe Ultrasonic Infuser

This procedure changes the effectiveness of your favorite skincare products in just minutes. The science on which this device is based is well-established; studies have proven that the procedure successfully increases absorption. The infuser emits 365,000 pulses of ultrasonic energy per second to push…

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