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Unique Eye Treatment Including Hermippe Ultrasonic Infuser

This procedure changes the effectiveness of your favorite skincare products in just minutes. The science on which this device is based is well-established; studies have proven that the procedure successfully increases absorption.

The infuser emits 365,000 pulses of ultrasonic energy per second to push key ingredients into your skin. We use conducting gel containing special microspheres that vibrate, creating gentle ultrasonic pressure waves which increases absorption of skin care products that might otherwise remain on the surface of the skin.

The Hermippe ultrasonic infuser can aid in the treatment of:

• Wrinkles (even deep ones)
• Fine Lines
• Crows Feet
• Brown Spots
• Dryness and Redness

We offer unique eye treatment, which includes the Hermippe Ultrasonic Infuser, Collagen Mask, and Lymphatic Drainage.

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